Posted on 27th October, 2021

4 Tips From Event Experts To Plan The Perfect Conference

Planning a business event can be a bit of a minefield. There are so many things to take into consideration, and trying to arrange a conference with large numbers brings many challenges. The Coronavirus pandemic has bought with it a lot of new aspects to consider when it comes to planning a meeting. Now you don’t just need to think about a venue with good transport links, but you also need to consider travel restrictions and delegates willingness to travel afar. Not only that, but people are extremely anxious about large events these days, and as the event organiser, you need to do what you can to reassure them everything is being handled safely.

At Sir Christopher Wren Hotel, we are experts in planning conference and business events of all shapes and sizes. Our events team have arranged everything from executive board meetings to multi-day conferences with hundreds of attendees. We are sharing our top tips for planning the perfect business event this year.

1. Write A List Of Non-Negotiables

Every event has different requirements and different aspects which are the most important. It is crucial that you establish what your non-negotiables are before you do anything else. This could be location, budget or facilities that your venue offers. Whatever they are, write them down and bear them in mind at every stage of your planning. If you find yourself struggling to make a decision further along in the planning process, revert back to this list. If something is on the list, you know to put your foot down and insist you get what you need. If it isn’t on the list, the chances are you have some room for flexibility.

2. Consider Your Room Layout

A lot of event planners get caught up in deciding on the venue, the food, delegate travel arrangements and schedules, that they forget about room layouts. The layout of the space is a critical part of your event and can determine its success. When you get it right, you can improve delegate engagement, but get it wrong and you could create a poor experience for your guests. Think about if you need a classroom layout because delegates will need their own table space, or will a theatre style work best? If you need delegates to engage with one another, cabaret set up could be the best option.

3. Carefully Plan Your Catering

The food you serve to your guests will always be one of the most memorable factors, and this could either leave a positive or negative impression. A good venue will work with you to create a menu which works for your event. Some conferences work best with a buffet lunch in a completely separate location, while others benefit from a working lunch during the meeting. Make sure you check if delegates have any allergies or dietary requirements, and let your caterers or venue know in advance.

4. Make Sure It’s Sustainable

Sustainability is a top priority for so many businesses these days, and quite rightly so. If your company is focusing on green initiatives and reducing its carbon footprint, then your events need to follow suit. Planning a large event with no consideration to the environment can undo all your hardwork when it comes to your sustainability initiatives, but keeping this at the forefront during your planning process will paint your brand in the best possible light. Look for venues which are taking steps to be sustainable, and encourage speakers and delegates to embrace digital technology as opposed to paper handouts and brochures.

At Sir Christopher Wren Hotel, we are so pleased to announce that we have recently received a Bronze accreditation from ECOsmart. ECOsmart is the accreditation programme of Greengage Solutions – recognising and supporting eco-friendly hotels and conference venues that meet certified standards of sustainability. This means, when you book your conference or event with us, you know you are making a green choice. For more information on business events at Sir Christopher Wren Hotel, contact our events team today.

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