Posted on 23rd March, 2016

Easter Across the Globe

The Easter celebrations are nearly upon us again, and whilst we prepare to enjoy some delicious chocolate eggs from the Easter Bunny, people across the globe will be celebrating in some very different ways. Around the world, various countries and cultures have their own traditions to celebrate the Easter holiday, with everything from kite flying to dressing up as the devil.

As Catholics and Protestants gather in churches to commemorate the resurrection of Christ, the people of Seville in Spain will be flocking to the streets to watch extravagant processions of marching bands and highly decorated floats illustrating the Easter story. In Seville these events also symbolise the start of springtime.

If you happen to be in Bermuda this weekend, you will find the locals celebrating Good Friday by flying home-made kites of coloured tissue paper. It is said this tradition began when a local teacher from the British Army was struggling to explain Christ’s ascension to Heaven during a Sunday school class, and so demonstrated it with a homemade kite. This differs massively to the traditions of Prizzi, in the hills of south Palermo, where locals wear terrifying masks and dress in red robes to represent the devil. These devils run around on Easter Sunday trying to capture as many souls as they can – in the form of getting them to buy drinks.

In parts of North-Western Europe they hold large bonfires called Easter Fires. It is said these fires are to chase away the darkness of winter and welcome spring, although today they are used for bringing communities together. The nights are festive occasions which usually involve a lot of lager, gin and snacks.

At Sir Christopher Wren Hotel and Spa we will be celebrating the Easter holiday with a delectable Easter Sunday Lunch in the Thames View Restaurant. Join us on Easter Sunday for a delicious meal, live music from our Jazz Trio, and even an Easter Egg surprise for the children. To find out more visit our website, call us on 01753 202825, or email us at [email protected].

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