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Posted on 29th January, 2020

First Steps For Planning Your 2020 Wedding: A Wedding Planning Guide

Whether you recently got engaged over the festive period, or have been betrothed for a while and decided 2020 is your year, knowing where to start with wedding planning can be overwhelming. Whilst planning a full wedding in less than a year might sound daunting, it is easily possible with good organisation and we are sure you will have some fun along the way. Your wedding is likely to be the biggest party either of you will ever plan, and the first planning steps pave the way for the rest of the celebrations. We’re sharing our top tips and first steps for wedding planning in 2020, to help you get every little detail just right:

Get A Wedding Planning Notebook

The key to successfully planning your big day is to stay organised. Get yourself a notebook, diary or folder to keep all your wedding ideas, plans and inspiration in one place. Every time you see something you love for your wedding, or suddenly get some inspiration, note it down in your book so you don’t forget. This wedding planning notebook will become your bible of everything about your dream day. Keep records of everything as you book it, including deposits and payment dates, and have a running to do list of everything that is still left to organise.

Set Your Date And Venue

Before you can start properly wedding planning and getting into the details, you need to decide the basics like where and when you will be tying the knot. If you want to get married in 2020, you might be able to get last minute deals and discounts depending on your venue. Once you have picked the perfect venue for your ceremony and reception, you might need to be flexible on your dates to secure it. If there is a specific date that you already have in mind, then make sure to check availability at all potential venues to avoid being disappointed further down the line. It is often best to have a rough idea of the season you would like to get married, and then find a venue that works with it. If you want a Summer wedding, look for venues that allow you to get married outside in the sunshine. If a Winter wedding is more your thing, then venues with features like fireplaces and lots of natural daylight are ideal.

Pick Your Wedding Party

Once you know when and where you will be getting married, the next stage of wedding planning is to choose the people to help you. Your wedding party will be doing a lot more than just standing by you during your day, they are vital for helping plan every aspect of the day. Choose loved ones that you trust with helping plan this special occasion, and those that you want to share the experience with. Once you’ve picked your team, write lists of the responsibilities of bridesmaids and groomsmen and ask them if they are happy to help with these duties.

Research Local Suppliers

There are a lot of different people that you need to help your wedding go off without a hitch. From photographers and florists to cake makers and DJs, all these things can get booked up quickly. Once you know where your wedding will be, begin researching local suppliers, and ask your venue if they have any suppliers that they recommend. Keep contact details and information of all these potential suppliers in your wedding planning notebook, and get them booked in as soon as possible.

Choose Your Guest List And Send Invites

It is great to set up a guest list spreadsheet to keep all the information you need about your wedding guests in one place, such as RSVP and contact information. If you are getting married in 2020, you need to be thinking about who to invite as soon as possible, and get your guest list finalised. As soon as you are set on who you want to come, it is time to consider your invites. Typically invites are sent out about 6 months before the big day, to give people enough time to plan and prepare.

If you are taking your first steps in wedding planning for your 2020 wedding, and in need of some extra guidance, our dedicated wedding team are be happy to help. We have various dates available for 2020 weddings and when you choose Sir Christopher Wren Hotel & Spa for your big day, you will have our team of experts on hand to help every step of the way. Our experienced wedding team can help you arrange your perfect menus, recommend local suppliers and are on hand to ask any questions you might have. To get in touch with our wedding team, complete our online form or call us on +44 1753 202825.

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