Posted on 8th July, 2014

Highclere Castle Battle Proms Concert

What better way to spend a balmy summer afternoon and evening then attending Highclere Castle’s Battle Proms Concert and picnic on Saturday 2nd August.  In its seventeenth year, a moving celebration of the centenary of the First World War is planned with lots of 40’s inspired events.

Personalise your experience by ordering a picnic on-line and your very own gazebo with table and chairs on the front lawns of Highclere, where you can take in the grandeur of this famous building.  The electrifying programme of events commences at 5.30pm with an historical Cavalry display by the First World War regalia mounted cavalry, demonstrating their horsemanship whilst battling with pistols and lances.  The Rockabellas follow, a modern-day Andrews Sisters, who will perform several lively hits from the 40’s and take you into the evening events.

At 7.25pm shots will be fired from an authentic WW1 field gun in honour of those who served us in the Great War.  A stunning aerial display from the legendary Grace Spitfire will enthral you and music will entertain you throughout the evening.  One of the many highlights of the Proms Concert will be Beethoven’s Battle Symphony, heard as it was intended, with the full complement of 192 cannons.  The evening will conclude with musket fire, fireworks and a flag-waving patriotic rendition of Land of Hope and Glory – a truly unforgettable experience.  For full information visit Battle Proms website.

Join us back at the Sir Christopher Wren Hotel & Spa for a relaxing night’s sleep.  Refreshed, head out to another famous Castle – Windsor!  We are offering a Windsor Castle package with Castle admission and a three-course dinner with wine and overnight accommodation at the Sir Christopher Wren Hotel. From £189 per room, we will provide a traditional breakfast to complement and complete your Windsor weekend experience.

For more information visit our special offers or call us on 01753 202825. We look forward to welcoming you.

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