Creating The Perfect Event Playlist
Posted on 30th May, 2019

How To Create The Perfect Event Playlist

Creating the perfect event playlist can be a struggle. It requires some careful consideration, excellent attention to detail, and a good idea of the audience and vibe for your event. An engaging playlist should be both diverse and cohesive, which is often a difficult balance to create without some forward thinking and planning. The music for any type of event can really make or break the atmosphere and overall success of the function. Be sure to make your Summer event a success by following our guide to creating the perfect event playlist.

Variety Is Vital

One of the easiest ways to keep your event playlist fresh and lively is to ensure there is some variety in the music. In order for your tunes to be captivating, you need to keep the music diverse whilst also flowing nicely. Try to incorporate a range of different artists, speeds, genres, instruments, intensities and beats into your event playlist.

Keep An Ear Out For New Music

Taking the time to find new music for your event playlist is important when it comes to creating a successful soundtrack. Just because your music library is packed full of thousands of songs, doesn’t mean there isn’t more out there that is yet to be discovered. Your music should make your event fresh and interesting, and for that, you will need to incorporate some new tracks. Set some time to one side to spend looking for new music, and always be aware of the music you hear throughout the day.

Ditch Shuffle And Plan Mixtape Style

It can seem like the easy option to put all your favourite tracks into one big playlist and just hit shuffle. However, the danger of this is that your songs could play in any order, and then won’t flow effectively. Instead, take the time to build your event playlist from the ground up, choosing songs that will play well one after the other.

Know Your Crowd

Every event is unique, and so is every guest list. When you create your own event playlist from scratch, you have the power to control the vibe, tempo and theme for your party. Be sure to think carefully about the people your music will be playing for, as well as considering the time of day, the volume and how you want your guests to feel during and after your event. What is the goal for your event? Do you want your guests to be chilled and relaxed, or are you trying for an energetic dance party?

Fine Tune

Any well made playlist has been carefully fine tuned, and no event playlist is perfect on the first draft. Never assume that your track list is ready to go as soon as it has been created, you should listen to it over a few times before the big day, and make edits where necessary. As you are listening, think about how your guests will react to each song, if you come across any you aren’t confident on then take it out.

Check Your Venue

The last thing you want after creating a perfect event playlist is to arrive at your venue only to find you can’t play your tunes in their current format. If you are hosting your party at a venue, then be sure to ask well in advance what facilities they have for playing your music. At The Sir Christopher Wren Hotel & Spa, we have full PA systems available to hire and high tech facilities to ensure your event playlist can go off without a hitch. To find out more about hosting your event at Sir Christopher Wren Hotel, contact us on 01753 202507 or email [email protected].

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