Winter Wedding
Posted on 24th October, 2017

Top Tips For A Winter Wedding

A winter wedding is a magical and romantic way to celebrate your special day. Just think of the roaring bonfires, rich warm berry and apricot colours and clinking of frosted glasses of piping hot mulled wine with your newlywed. It will definitely be a day to remember.

In the midst of planning your special day, there are a couple of things you may want to think about prior to the day especially as a winter bride.

Don’t be afraid of the weather

Planning a winter wedding can be extremely exciting, especially with the possibility of having an all-white wedding, which also means temperatures will be below freezing. There is no better excuse than to purchase some stylish faux fur wraps for both yourself and your bridesmaids, especially as some photoshoots may take place outside in the cold. If you are fortunate enough to have a gorgeous snowy wedding, take into consideration the location and if it is accessible for overseas guests that may be flying in.

The unpredictable moments of winter also bring various weather conditions including rain, but the show must go on. Having themed umbrellas for your guests to use is not only thoughtful but it will be a quintessential addition to the winter themed wedding you have been planning.

Try to plan well in advance

Take advantage of the elements and bring together an intimate space, often enough the materials required to bring the vision to reality are only available seasonally. Therefore, starting to plan a year in advance to ensure you have everything you need for your special day would be advised.

Once your venue has been chosen, it would be an ideal situation to spend time with your designated photographer ahead of time at the venue. The ambient winter lighting often means that it will be dark outside by 4pm. Plan to find areas of the venue that would be ideal for specific situations especially if the weather takes a turn. Also, depending on what type of pictures you would want it may be advised to capture pre-wedding shots at the venue or before your guests arrive on the day to ensure daylight is maximised.

This is your time to experiment

Being the bride means you can call the shots (usually!) which means all those years of planning out your vision of your ideal man, the multi-tier cake and how your first dance will go, in the back of your diary or high school planner can be brought to life. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ideas. I mean, getting married in a field probably is not the most practical idea for a winter wedding, but spending time looking for the perfect venue will be worthwhile.

Find flowers to fit the season as they will be more readily available and it will bring something unique to your special day. Building a bouquet with foliage such as seeded eucalyptus and flat cedar before adding some colour using andromedas, anemones, freesias and roses. It will be perfectly simple and elegant.

Having a winter themed wedding also means you can try out extraordinary possibilities, such as having ice sculptures, maybe even one of the bride and groom themselves. Having a winter food and drink menu made with seasonal produce may be the perfect compliment too.

The assistance of a Wedding Coordinator at your choice of venue to take some of the pressure off planning your winter wedding is important. Sir Christopher Wren Hotel has an experienced team of Wedding Coordinators to assist in tailoring your bespoke wedding with an exceptional location overlooking the Thames.  To make an enquiry, call 01753 202825 or email [email protected].

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