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Posted on 22nd July, 2019

Tips For Travelling With Kids This Summer

With the Summer holidays upon us, many parents will be hitting the road or the skies over the next few weeks. Travelling with kids is never easy, and whether it is your first time away with your little one, or you’ve done this all before, it is still a daunting experience. Right from knowing what to pack, to how to keep children entertained on a long journey, travelling with kids takes some preparation and thought. If you are treating your little ones to a trip away this Summer, then read on for our top tips on travelling with kids.

Take It Slow

Back in your pre-children days you might have been one of the first off the plane and rushing through the airport in no time. Or perhaps you’re road trips were lengthy with few pit stops. But travelling with kids is a totally different experience; you need to remember there is no need to rush off. Sit back and let the world rush around you, whilst you just go with the flow and take as much time as you need. Leave yourself a bit longer to get to your destination, if you’re driving then plan lots of stops and rests along the way.

Prams, Slings Or Strollers

One common dilemma when travelling with kids is what transport to bring for them. Most trips require a lot of walking around, which young children won’t be able to manage, so you will need to have something on standby for when their little legs get tired. Consider your destination and what option is going to best suit. One good all-rounder is to take a lightweight stroller. They are easy to travel with as they don’t take up too much room in the car, and if you’re flying it can be taken right to the gate at the airport. They are lightweight and breathable, perfect for hot weather, but also can be protected with a rain cover and blankets so all options are covered.

Get Organised

Wherever you are heading with your little ones this Summer, to make travelling with kids as stress free as possible, it is vital that you plan ahead. Maybe you used to be able to just wing it and hope for the best, but now you’ve got others to think about. Ensure you have a comprehensive family packing list for your trip that includes everything you could possibly need when travelling with kids. Think about baby food, nappies and their favourite toys, and always plan on bringing more than you need just in case.

Family Friendly Accommodation

When you are travelling with kids, where you stay is going to be all the more important than it ever was before. You need to ensure your accommodation is family friendly and will have everything you need to keep your little ones happy during your holiday. Book your hotel well in advance and if you are unsure if they are family friendly then email ahead to double check. Many hotels will offer extra beds and family sized accommodation, just be sure to do your research beforehand. Look out for accommodation that offers kids meals and will have options that your children will be happy to eat, as well as ensuring there is plenty to keep them entertained such as kids TV.

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